NJ Wedding Videography

Why choose us to be your NJ wedding videographer? 

"Your relationship is a story woven through time. Let us tell that story in the most beautiful, authentic, cinematic way imaginable so you can return to that magical moment any time and remember how it all began. 

Preparation and Process

We understand that the magic of your big day starts with pre-wedding preparation. We learn all about your specific style and unique needs to capture the wedding video you've always dreamed of. We help our NJ brides with world class creative ideas and organize them into a wedding board to follow on your wedding day. With all the stress of planning a wedding we make sure working with us is simple and refreshing. 


Our NJ wedding videography team is passionate, creative and fun to work. They are always looking for the perfect beauty angles, the candid and authentic moments and the natural or dramatic lighting to create beautiful and intimate imagery.



It's the driving force that helps us constantly evolve. We love what we do and will will shoot your wedding like its our last. 


Choose us when you want to remember that look – the one on his face when he first saw you in your dress – and the looks you never saw, when you took his breath away.

The moments the ring slips on, where tears of joy flow as amply as champagne. The moment the best man stands up, and laughter ensues. You’ll someday want to remember those moments – your story – and every tiny detail that made it uniquely yours.

NJ Wedding Videography Samples

cinematic Wedding trailer starting at $2,295 - $2,695