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You want to create a beautiful love story film for your wedding, but you don't know how to get started. Most couples start with generic NJ wedding videos that lack personality and uniqueness. This leaves your wedding video looking like everyone else's.


Brandon Michael Productions will craft the perfect love story film for your big day using our unique pre-wedding shoot process. Our New Jersey wedding videography team will work closely with you to capture important moments and emotions of your relationship, so that we can tell your story in the most beautiful way possible.

Michele and Nicolas' adventurous journey is one that will undoubtedly leave you entranced.

How To Craft The Best NJ Wedding Video

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Hi! I'm Brandon Michael, a veteran NJ wedding videographer that helps wedding couples develop their love stories so they can create timeless wedding films without limitation. I do this via My signature story telling method.

Why pre-wedding filming becoming popular amongst brides and grooms

As times change, so does the art of capturing a special day. Gone are the days when NJ wedding films were one dimensional. Modern couples now demand creativity and thoughtful presentation that truly reflects their unique love story!


Couples can craft a precious portrait of their relationship before the big day going on a pre-wedding shoot. By capturing moments of love, laughter and joy that make them unique as individuals and even better when they're together.

Tips for creating beautiful and timeless love stories

When it comes to creating a beautiful and timeless love story, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, let your chemistry shine through on camera to capture the excitement and passion between you and your partner.


To make sure that your pre-wedding footage is as powerful as possible, it's important to plan and organize your ideas before shooting. Create an aesthetically pleasing storyboard of what your outfits and poses will look like to ensure that everything meshes with each other.


Consider writing a symphony of love letters to film and record. With each chapter, embrace your passionate feelings with voiceovers or face-to-face declarations in varying beautiful locations that add depth to the story told through these heartfelt words.

See how my wife and I made our love immortal, traveling far and wide to declare it in multiple states with captivatingly surreal backdrops.


gisella + Brandon

This kind of pre-planning will help communicate your vision clearly I'll know exactly what they need to capture on camera. It will also save time on set – with a clear plan in place, you can move efficiently from shot to shot, getting the footage you need without wasting precious daylight. Storyboarding truly is our essential tool for bringing your vision to life.

Ideas on capturing candid moments to make a wedding film truly memorable

As you prepare for your big day, there are endless possibilities to capture your love story on film during your pre-wedding video shoot. From the captivating beauty of a sunset waterfall to the playful laughs while roller blading on a vibrant boardwalk, there are so many exhilarating activities to indulge in together.


Perhaps, you wish to keep things intimate and romantic by simply sitting together on a cozy couch, sharing your love story for the world to see. No matter what you choose, the memories captured during your pre-wedding video shoot will be cherished for a lifetime.


To create an incomparable wedding film, consider investing in a three hour pre-wedding shoot. For unparalleled results, it is strongly advised to book three separate filming days for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Crafting the best New Jersey wedding video does not have to be a daunting task - with the right steps and attention to detail, you can create an unforgettable work of art.


Couples should start by choosing an activity that truly represents their love story. Once this is decided, the next step is to build the storyboard and bring their vision to life. Taking the time to write love letters to each other will add a heartwarming touch, and choosing the perfect outfits will ensure a timeless and elegant look. By following these steps, couples can create a stunning wedding film that perfectly captures their love and unique story.


Our experienced NJ wedding videography team is here to provide you with all the information you need. Take the next step and discover our remarkable pricing and availability.


Simply fill out our intake form and we'll be happy to discuss your queries during a phone conversation!


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Join us for our next blog post as we explore how to develop a captivating storyboard. We'll explain the number of photos and locations required to make sure that every shot is perfect.

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