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For the last 4 years, we have helped brides and grooms create an epic adventure story dedicated to their love for one another preserved forever with breathtaking photography, cinematography, and romantic prose.

Let us guide you and your love on a tailor-made adventure you’ll never forget. Image a pre-wedding excursion that takes you on a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls and ends with candlelit dinner tucked away in a sleepy northern town.

Or let yourself drift as you sip martinis at the bar after a day of riding horseback across unbroken countryside. No need to worry about saving room – you’ll work up an appetite taking dance lessons on the terrace before dinner is served.

Maybe you’re the romantic type, and always imaged your life as it would be in a romance novel. Let our resident novelist help create a uniquely personalized Love Story, the perfect romantic compliment to your real-life adventure excursion. Star in your very own fairytale, complete with the story of how you fell in love with your Prince Charming.

Not your style? Let our poet write the ballad of your love story instead. With us, story is everything. However yours is told, the adventure starts and ends with the limits of your imagination.

It’s now your wedding day and we’re ready to capture that whirlwind of celebration with an eye for detail only our team can deliver. As you can guess, our process is totally customized to you, ensuring your wedding day video will be a joyful masterpiece dedicated to your love.

Our happy couples also have the opportunity to bring us for part or all of their honeymoon. And that’s where the real excitement begins. Depending on your destination, we’ll catch you riding jet skis, snorkeling with dolphins, toasting at your favorite skiing lodge, or enjoying a sunset meal for two on a quiet piazza.


It’s your day, your story, and your adventure. With fully customizable options, our team will help you pick what’s right for you. From lead up to wedding day to honeymoon, we’re there when you want us, not when you don’t. And when the time comes, we’ll be there to preserve your memories through breathtaking footage set to the soundtrack of your love.

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