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meet the loving owners

Brandon & gisella  

As a couple who has filmed our engagement on top of a mountain, our elopement in three states and our month long adventure in Colombia we understand what it takes to create beautiful love stories.  

By constantly capturing our own love story, we inadvertently created a system that turns our shoots into an unforgettable and fun experience for our clients. We combine the perfect balance of adventure, romance, celebration, and play to our shoots. 


We coach our couples every step of the way. We help them create intimate, genuine looking moments instead of stiff poses. 


As a husband and wife wedding duo we can relate to both the bride's and groom's perspectives helping us create stronger relationships with our couples.

We are constantly finding and experiencing exciting ideas for our clients. For us, there is nothing better than knowing our clients are overly satisfied! 


They say opposites attract and for Gisella and I that couldn't be more true when it comes to business.


I'm PASSIONATE AND CREATIVE, my mind never stops creating and Gisella is exceedingly ORGANIZED. She is the reason why our clients get the best customer service.


Together we make very strong TEAM!


We would love to hear from you to discuss all your exciting wedding needs!


we would love to hear from you!