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meet the loving owners

Brandon & gisella  

Love. It’s what binds us together on our journey to create an exciting life full of adventure. It inspires us, elates us, and drives us to reach higher and go further than we ever imagined possible. That’s why it’s ever-so important to capture those moments in beautiful imagery that truly express your unique story.


Here at Brandon Michael Productions, we want to ensure you remember these details for a lifetime, especially when it comes to your proposal, wedding day, and the special moments in between. It’s these humble beginnings that will be the foundation for your future, and all the stories that you build along the way.


We know because these are the kind of values and details we explored when we filmed our own engagement, elopement, and marriage across three states and a month-long journey through Colombia. It was living out our own moments that allowed us to see how every couple deserves to feel like they’re love is truly transcendent.


As a professional New Jersey wedding photography and wedding cinematography team we’re able to deftly capture your love story through an engaging experience that’s completely unique to you.


What’s more, we love embracing adventure, romance, and play into our shoots, which means you can be sure that the story we help you tell is going to intimately express who you are as individuals, as well as who you are as a couple.


As a husband-and-wife wedding duo we better understand the perspectives of the bride and groom, which allows us to create stronger relationships with our clients along the way. It’s a genuine connection that goes beyond the camera lens and helps us fully express your love in rich, vivid detail.


Let our team become your biggest supports by helping capture your special moments with stunning images and videos that never stop telling your story. Reach out today and let us show you why we’re the right team to help you celebrate one of your life’s biggest moments.

we would love to hear from you!

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