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Crafting a Timeless NJ Wedding Film at Perona Farms Refinery

Updated: May 1, 2023

On your wedding day, every experience is a timeless memory waiting to be made - from the anticipation of putting on that gorgeous dress in the morning, to savoring each and every dance with loved ones later.

It's an unforgettable event that you'll want forever etched into your heart. Yet, most couples only have a few fleeting moments during their wedding day that they can actually look back on and enjoy. The rest is usually a blur.

Brandon Michael Productions will capture every moment of your wedding day in an artistic NJ wedding film that you will be able to watch and cherish for years to come.

Let us take you on a journey like no other, as we create an enchanting cinematic experience of your special day at Perona Farms Refinery. With its stunning grounds and breathtaking shots, this venue offers the perfect backdrop for creating an unforgettable wedding video.

At Brandon Michael Productions, we specialize in producing exquisite New Jersey wedding videography at Perona Farms Refinery that capture all of the emotions surrounding your big day and showcase your unique love story through cinematic storytelling.

The striking row of trees that embraces you upon arrival to the stunning Perona Lake with its charming bridge, this pristine location teems with captivating grace and beauty.

Then there's the mesmerizing Willow tree with its inviting swing that beckons you to come and experience the tranquility of this place. Finally, the Refinery is a stunning industrial-chic space with exposed brick, steel, and concrete finishing's that provide a unique contrast to the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

At Perona Farms, you'll find the perfect blend of rustic beauty and modern sophistication, making it the perfect setting for unforgettable cinematic storytelling.

As you prepare for your special day, Brandon Michael Productions can help you create an unforgettable NJ wedding video that perfectly captures the essence of your love story. Through storyboarding, we'll build a look board that pairs seamlessly with the breathtaking backgrounds at Perona Farms, ensuring that each frame is a work of art that you'll cherish for years to come.

We'll also take inspiration from our portfolio of stunning videos and work with you to create a wedding video that reflects your unique style and personality. And for an extra touch of romance, we suggest writing love letters to each other that can be featured in your video, adding another layer of emotion and depth. With Brandon Michael Productions, your wedding video will be a timeless tribute to your love and commitment to each other.

Brandon Michael Productions utilizes a variety of cinematic techniques to create a truly beautiful wedding film. With the use of time-lapse photography, sweeping aerial shots, slow motion video and story telling, we are able to capture all the moments that make up your special day in a stunning way.

We also collaborate with you and your wedding planner to ensure that we capture every moment of your celebration, from the intimate details to the grandeur.

At Brandon Michael Productions, we believe that your wedding video should be a timeless tribute to the love and commitment you share as newlyweds. We strive to create an exquisite film with stunning footage from Perona Farms Refinery that captures all of the emotions surrounding your special day.

Our experienced team is dedicated to crafting cinematic storytelling with artistic imagery for cherished memories for years to come. With our passion for creating beautiful New Jersey wedding films and detailed attention given each frame, let us help make sure your big day is remembered in a one-of-a kind way.


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